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BOOKING: All telephone bookings are considered provisional and not binding on either party unless confirmed in writing within 48 hours.

WORKING DAY : 9am to 5pm , 9:30am to 5:30pm or 10am to 6pm less 1 hour for lunch

DAY RATES: A day rate is 8 consecutive hours, including one 1/2 hour lunch break. Day rate is 6 times the hourly rate for print work only. Day rates must be requested at time of booking or an hourly rate will apply.

OVERTIME: Time and a half is charged on bookings before 8:30 am and after 6:00 p.m. , also Saturday and Sunday unless negotiated with the agency prior to booking.

Overtime in excess of the normal working day will be charged at the hourly rate plus 50% of the daily rate per hour unless otherwise agreed beforehand with the agency in writing

TRAVEL: The client is responsible for the payment of travel costs where applicable.

TRAVEL TIME: Travel time will be charged at 25% of the daily rate per hour unless otherwise agreed in writing.

FITTING & REHEARSAL FEES: These will be charged at the overtime rate unless otherwise agreed in writing.

PRINT: All talent are booked by the hour, with one-hour minimum and subsequently billed in thirty minute increments.

TEST JOBS: Test must be cleared with agency prior to the booking. No release will be signed.

LINGERIE: Transparent loungewear, sleepwear, pantyhose, slips, bras, panties, etc. will be double the hourly rate. All other lingerie will be billed at time and a half. Please specify at time of booking.

HOTEL EXPENSES The client is responsible for the payment of hotel and subsistence costs when a Model or actor is required to work away from his/her home.

COMPLAINTS: The agency must be informed within 1 hour from the commencement of the working day giving the reasons why the person is considered unsatisfactory.

CANCELLATIONS A cancellation fee of 50% of the total invoice will be charged where less than 14 days notice is given. Cancellations for bookings made within 7 days of the booking will be charged at the full fee payable.

CANCELLATION: Subject to a one-hour cancellation fee AND payment of full fee if not rebooked within 30 days.

VOUCHERS: If the voucher or timesheet system is used, the client needs to legibly fill out and sign the voucher/timesheet at the end of each booking.

USAGE: Usage fees are to be negotiated with the agency and must be stated at the time of the booking. Usage fees are in addition to the talent's hourly rate. Billboards, national ads, consumer product packaging, poster, hang tags or use of models names all constitute a "premium" subject to usage fee negotiation.

TALENT FEES: All talent fees are to be paid directly to the agency.

AGENCY FEE: There is a 10 to 35% agency service charge on all bookings, usage fees and residuals. Credit card purchases incur an additional 3% finance charge. A finance charge of 4% will be added to all invoices not paid in full within contract terms.

PAYMENT: Invoices will be sent to the attention of the client arranging the booking unless otherwise notified to the agency. Payment on non-union electronic media and print are required within 30 days of the invoice date.

BILLING PROCEDURE: In order to efficiently bill, the booker needs clients name and address, department #, purchase order #, job order #, product or project title, and authorized individual who will approve payment.


1.Disclosure of extraordinary conditions or requirements.

2. Provide adequate dressing facilities on all bookings.

3. Give the address and phone number of all booking locations.

4. Confirm all booking fees prior to actual booking.

5. Give booker all pertinent billing instructions.

6. Provide a safe working environment, free of any form of danger or personal harassment.

BASIS OF ENGAGEMENT: All personnel are deemed to be self-employed, independent contractors unless otherwise notified to the client.

ALTERATIONS: The agency reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions upon reasonable notice being given.

DISCLAIMER: The agency operates purely as a booking service and while we make every effort to ensure that personnel behave in proper manner, we do not admit responsibility for any loss or damage, however caused.


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